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Dec 13, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Same-Sex Attracted Christian Speaker Drops A Bombshell On Critics

In a new documentary film produced by the BBC about a handful of British Christians living with same-sex attraction (SSA), one scholar and SSA Christian dropped a gospel bombshell on critics of this hot-button issue: in order to follow clear commands of Scripture, Christians who struggle with the deep desire to commit sinful acts must abstain and cling to Christ. For homosexuals, this takes the form of celibacy.

“If I didn’t know God and Jesus, I’d say ‘no I don’t want to be celibate,'” said Oxford scholar David Bennett to the 1,000 young people in attendance at Reboot, a youth apologetics training forum at Oxford's Centre for Christian Apologetics. “But Scripture was really clear to me, that gay marriage wasn’t an option.”

“I had to give that up,” Bennett said to the crowd. “It was very hard when I became a Christian, because a lot of my LGBT friends didn’t understand. It was a very difficult path, but it has been an amazingly joyous and glorious one, too.”

Further on in the film, after Bennett concluded his speech, a BBC reporter caught him off stage and pressed him for details: “Let’s be clear on celibacy, so, no sex?” she asked.

“Yeah, no sex,” Bennett replied.

“No kissing?” she continued, puzzled by his answer.

“Well, problem is, they are all linked,” he explained. “If I kiss someone, there is going to be sexual desire involved.”

As many critics of voluntary celibacy for SSA Christians purport, the reporter then suggested to Bennett that his convictions and personal commitment to obeying God's word would rob him of an important life experience, asking him, “do you not feel you are going to be missing out?” 

“No,” Bennett responded, preparing to speak the bold truth about his decision. “The thing is, that’s what I want people to understand — that God is real.”

“When I was saved in that pub when I was 19," Bennett continued, offering a snippet of his personal testimony, "I met a real God, a living presence in my body that provides intimacy for me. So, I don’t need to have sex."

“The problem with our society is that we think that sex is intimacy, but that’s not true,” Bennett added. “It can be, but only in the right context.”

The BBC reporter subsequently concluded that Bennett’s biblically-derived beliefs could be “dangerous” because they promote “denying yourself”, the ultimate heresy in today's humanist culture.

“I think that’s a fundamental misunderstanding,” he said, pointing back to the call for Christians specifically to deny fleshly desires of any kind when they draw us away from Christ.

“I’m saying I’ve fallen in love with Christ, the living God incarnate, and he’s fulfilling me. I’d say you’re reading me in a way that is actually about your own perception.”

Bennett elaborates his stance in his new book, A War of Loves. According to the book's website, he also shares his testimony of his path to Christ “from his early years exploring new age religions and French existentialism to his university experiences as an [LGBT] activist."

“Following supernatural encounters with God," the website continues, "he embarked on a journey not only of seeking to reconcile his faith and sexuality but also of discovering the higher call of Jesus Christ."

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