Missy And Jase Robertson


Dec 18, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson Shares Their Wild Christmas Tradition, And It's Hilarious

In an interview with Billy Hallowell, Missy Robertson shared a funny Christmas tradition the Robertson family of A&E's Duck Dynasty partakes in every year.

"...There's always a lot of food! You know, nobody's bringing anything from the grocery store premade. It is [an] amazing array of food," Robertson said, describing the family's no-holds-barred approach to festivities. "It's just really ridiculous when you think about how much food there is."

Every year, the family piles into Kay and Phil Robertson's little house for Christmas dinner and gift-giving. "It's just our tradition and nobody wants to do that anywhere else than Mama Kay's house."

“We have our gag gift tradition,” she added, sharing that Kay's gifts have everyone bursting with laughter. “Kay does her gag gifts and, honestly, sometimes the gifts are so stupid they’re not even funny, but the way that she presents them is the funniest thing ever."

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