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Dec 19, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

"God Is So Good": How One Late Pizza Delivery Became An Opportunity For A Huge Blessing

Jennifer West of Atlanta, Georgia posted on Facebook about the Papa John's pizzas she'd ordered for her daughter's birthday party which took over 90 minutes to arrive. Surprisingly, her post wasn't a rant about poor service, but a heartfelt call to be a blessing to the delivery driver.

"She remembered us and asked us how we were doing," West wrote in her post, explaining that she'd had the same delivery driver a few weeks later. "She apologized again for last time and said how bad she felt about our order. She thanked me for the generous tip. I only tipped $6. But, she said that she has been making $80-$90 deliveries and people have only been giving $2-$3."

Then, the driver, named Pam, broke down in tears.

"The tire tread on her car was completely worn down. She asked if I knew of anyone who needed their house cleaned, because she needs to save up more money for the tire, especially for work," West recalled. "She also has two granddaughters (two-years-old & almost one) that she hasn't been able to start Christmas shopping for, because she needs to use the money for the tire."

"I have felt to help her has been placed on my heart," West continued. "So, this year instead of asking for material things, that I do not really need, I have asked to help this sweet woman out."

Although West had initially planned on just blessing Pam with a new tire and a few gifts for her grandkids, her post led to a flood of gifts from several friends, family members, and even total strangers. In no time at all, West had collected hundreds of dollars in gift cards, several Christmas gifts, and a full set of tires.

She also reached out to Papa John's Corporate and discovered that there is an assistance fund for employees in financial trouble and got the ball rolling to help Pam that way.

About 40 minutes into the video below, West surprised Pam with her gifts!

"God is so good!" Pam said in a statement to a local news outlet on the scene.

"We wanted to come alongside you during this season to help ease your burdens and to just lift you up and tell you that you are loved..." West told Pam. "We love you, we're here for you."

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