Dec 24, 2018 by Alyssa Duvall

This Man Found A Girl's Letter To Santa In A Balloon and Searched The Globe To Find Her

One little girl's Christmas wishes were granted when the letter to Santa she attached to a balloon was discovered by a total stranger.

Randy Heiss of Arizona was hiking through Patagonia when he stumbled across a popped red balloon and picked it up to take to the nearest trash receptacle.

“I quickly realized it was a Christmas list,” 60-year-old Heiss told FOX 10. “It’s written in Spanish and I can tell it was obviously a child by the handwriting.”

Not knowing much Spanish, Heiss brought the letter home to his wife to read.

“[The child who wrote the letter] asked for a lot of things, the cutest was whatever you can give me one to four,” he said of the letter, which was signed by a girl named Dayami. “Enchanted house, clothes, coloring book, magic markers, paints and she asked for Pokemon characters.”

With such an incredible discovery in hand, Heiss said he "wanted to make sure that I did everything I could to make that child’s wishes come true.”

Sent without a return address, however, Heiss was left with the difficult task of locating Dayami to deliver her gifts. Considering the wind direction, Heiss surmised that the letter was likely sent from nearby Nogales, Mexico, about 17 miles away.

Heiss then took to Facebook to search for any leads to connect with Dayami's family, but to no avail.

After reaching out to a radio station in Nogales, however, Heiss and his wife quickly found Dayami’s family and decided to meet at the radio station.

The Heiss's came bearing gifts for Dayami, as well as her sister Ximena.

“Their eyes were wide open with wonder, like ‘Oh my gosh, this really did work!'” Heiss recalled. “It was a beautiful, beautiful experience.

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