Jan 08, 2019 by Alyssa Duvall

JD Greear At Cross19 Conference: "Don't Wait For God To Spell Out A Message In Your Cheerios"

In a powerfully motivating talk at the Cross19 Conference in Kentucky on Friday, Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear told his young Christian audience to stop waiting for a mystical, supernatural affirmation of a mission from God: take Scripture's clear commands to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth, and run with them!

According to its website, the CROSS movement "exists to see our generation live for the most loving cause in the universe: bringing people from every tribe, tongue, and nation into the everlasting joy of knowing and worshiping Jesus."

“When Jesus is standing here in Luke 24, before these disciples and He says, ‘Look at what I just did for the salvation of the nations.' Are you really gonna honor me by small ambitions and small dreams?" said Greear, who also leads Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. "You need to dream about the nations worshiping. Your dreams need to be in proportion to the value of my sacrifice. Jesus did not die so you could have a comfortable career and a mediocre life."

“He died so that you could bring the nations to worship. He didn’t die so that we could huddle together in churches and bemoan the dying state of our culture," Greear continued, "He died so that the Gospel could be proclaimed to all peoples in all nations, and He’s given His promises and the guarantee of His Spirit to ensure that could happen. Does what you’re planning with your life align with the promises in His Word?”

“You say, 'What’s this got to do with me? I don’t feel called.' I’ve been waiting for it with this conference, this kinda tingly moment when everything seems to go blurry and all of a sudden I hear the voice of God in my heart say, ‘Thou art the one,’ and I stand up," Greear preached. "That doesn’t happen."

If his young listeners were still trying to discern God's purpose for their lives, Greear said, they should already know from Scripture that, above all, they are called to the vocation of a witness: “A witness and a professional preacher are not the same thing. You are my witnesses. Every believer is a witness."

"We have to get over this idea that calling is this mystical experience that a sacred few people in the Christian life ever go through. I always tell students at my church that many of them have what I call the ‘Cheerios method’ of discerning the will of God," Greear explained. "You stare at your Cheerios and you wait on your Cheerios to spell out something meaningful. ... I stared at my Cheerios for years and all they ever spelled out was 'oooooo,'” he said, packaging his important truth in a little bit of hilarity.

"You don’t need a special call to leverage your life for the Great Commission. The call to leverage your life for the Great Commission was included in the call to follow Jesus," Greear stated. "When you accepted the call to follow Jesus, you de facto accepted the call to missions. The question is no longer if you are called. The question now is only where and how you are called.”

At Summit Church, Greear added, he tells students to do whatever they are good at to the glory of God, but do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God, and the Holy Spirit will allow them and equip them to do God's will.

“2 Peter 3: 9, the Lord is not willing that any should perish but He’s willing that all should come to repentance," Greear continued, "We’re not talking about finding God’s will, we don’t need a still small voice when you’ve got a plainly written verse.”

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