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Jan 17, 2019 by Dick

15 Cheap And Creative Ideas To Update Your Date Night

"Let’s be honest, the normal date routine of dinner and a movie can get pretty stale. And whether you’re married with a couple of kids under your belt or college students on your third month of dating... dreaming up ideas to spice it up can be difficult. We get it. So, get out your notebooks and start jotting down these creative, inexpensive ideas to upgrade your date night! Yes, all you married people it’s so important you keep dating after you’re married." Here are the some creative and fun ideas from Sloane Wilson who holds the core value that healthy relationships and family are the keys to sustainable revival: 

1. Game Night Date
Time to get out your trusty pack of cards, or your favorite old-timey board games. Loser has to make dessert! Upgrade this one to a group date to make it even more fun.

2. Movie & Fort Date
Is your spouse a movie lover? Get together all the classics, then let your inner kid shine through as you build a cozy pallet or fort in the living room. Don’t forget the popcorn!

3. “Love to Learn” Date
Take up a cooking, dance, or pottery class. For an even cheaper idea - hop over to YouTube and follow some easy tutorials together!

4. Adventurous Date
Pack up an easy breakfast the night before, then set out early the following morning for a sunrise hike. Celebrate at the top with a picnic!

5. Trivia Night Date
Search for the nearest restaurant that offers a trivia night and battle it out together!

6. Backyard Date Night
Transform your backyard into a special date venue! Make some fancy snacks, put away the phones, and light some candles. Write out some fun questions and take turns asking each other. Perfect for parents who just put their kids down for bedtime.

7. Farmers’ Market Date
Hit up your local farmers market and grab some fresh food. Then follow a fun recipe together and use all the ingredients you just bought!

8. The "Giving Back" Date
Make homeless kits and hand them out together. Invite your church community to come along to spread even more love!

9. Animal Shelter Date
Volunteer to walk and play with the animals in your local humane society. Your animal loving spouse will love this!

10. Mystery Date
Take some time to each write-down your favorite date ideas. Put them all in a jar and shake it up. On the nights that you can't decide what to do, draw a date idea out of the jar. 

11. Arcade/Miniature Golf Date
Race car games and go-cart tracks can bring a fun and thrilling element to any date. A competitive game of mini-golf can also be romantic!  

12. Karaoke Date
Pick out some of your favorite, cheesy songs and be brave! Find a local karaoke place and let loose! Duets can also be fun. (A good-singing voice is not required).

13. Coffee & Park Date
This one is perfect even if you have your kiddos. Drive through your favorite coffee place and grab a hot drink. Take it to your local park and go for a walk or sit and watch the kids play. They’ll be entertained while you two get a chance to connect!

14. Winter-Themed Date
Throw on the big sweaters and jackets, grab some hot chocolate, and hunt for the nearest ice skating rink or snowy mountain!

15. Sentimental Date 
Remember the very first date you went on? Relive the sweet memory by recreating it! To make it even more sentimental, print out old photos of you together and reminisce!

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