Jan 28, 2019 by Shane Idleman

WATCH: Pastor Unloads After the New York Abortion Vote

Is progress murdering children in the womb, even up to 9 months? Is progress allowing kindergarteners to learn about homosexuality while a transgender reads to them at school? We seem to rejoice in sexual sin and wink at pedophilia, but we throw a tirade when a border wall is being considered. Is civility assaulting people who wear red hats and using fake news to fuel racism and hatred? I’m guessing that my definition of “degrading” differs from the masses.

America’s civil unrest is directly related to both sides becoming hostile, as well as extreme media bias and a rejection of God. The elephant in the room is that many news outlets, leaders, and politicians have unbridled hatred and disdain for biblical truth. They would love to silence the pulpit and outlaw these types of articles. Our deadly moral decline is evident to everyone but Hollywood and Washington. "Why aren't people running from the Democratic party?" Its time to call out bias news sources, silent pulpits, and the true haters.

Learn more in this powerful sermon:

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