Jan 29, 2019 by Helena

Can You Stop Being Gay, By Praying It Away?

Can you actually pray away the gay? Is it something that is "fixed" through prayer? Four former members of the LGBT community came together in this video to discuss these questions in an episode of Transformed Life Radio.

One of the four men Luis Javier Ruiz says: "I think you pray throughout your journey," 

"I think you pray throughout your journey,"

Ruiz is a survivor of the Pulse nightclub massacre in June 2016. After that He has met the Lord and turned his life around and now shares the gospel and his view on homosexuality and the church."For some people, we don't doubt there could be a miracle from God, but at the same time, that wasn't my story," Ruiz says.

Check out the video for a different perspective on this very trending matter. 

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