Jan 31, 2019 by Michael

‘God Friended Me’ Reached 10 Million Viewers Per Episode And Will Be Launching Season 2

CBS averaged over 10 million viewers per episode on its faith-adjacent drama God Friended Me. CBS will be doubling down the show, because it was the second-most watched new series and the most-watched scripted show to air on Sundays, one of TV’s prime rating slots, reported Relevant Magazine

CBS explained that the show 'boosted its time slot significantly in the ratings'. The second season will be launched for the 2019-2020 television season. Audiences responded significantly well to the endearing characters and positive messages, which is one of the show’s strengths.

"The show follows an outspoken atheist played by Brandon Michael Hall who receives a social media request from an account called God. The account directs Brandon toward people and scenarios that compel him to begin making positive changes in his life and valuable impacts in the world around him. It’s best described as pro-faith and pro-purpose; God Friended Me doesn’t explicitly invoke Christian ideas or themes, but it advocates for intentional, values-based living (better than what you could say for most other network dramas)", says Relevant Magazine.

The first season is available on iTunes in case you want to catch up.  

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