Feb 01, 2019 by Helena

Soon, Visit First-Ever Gay Parade At Disneyland

For the first time ever recorded, Disney is bringing LGBTQ pride to one of its theme parks. The event will be called "Magical Pride" and is planned to be on June 1, 2019, at Disneyland Paris.

It is reported that there will be a very own LGBTQ diversity parade, complete with photo opportunities and musical performances.

"Celebrating diversity at the place where dreams come true, Magical Pride warmly welcomes anyone and everyone to come and party, play and stay at Disneyland® Paris," the park says on its website. 

Disney's decision to officially sponsor an LGBTQ pride event comes 28 years after the corporation hosted Disney Gay Days in 1991. The first unofficial Magical Pride event reportedly occurred in Disneyland Paris in 2014; however, it was not organized by the park itself. 

Disney has been incorporating its views on the LGBTQ issues, especially in its television shows and movies. 

Last year, Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," "Doc McStuffins," and "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" all featured gay characters. The corporation doesn't show signs of stopping and Disney's live-action film, "Jungle Cruise," will feature an openly gay character. 

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