Feb 01, 2019 by Helena

Mother Supports Her 7 Year Old Son Transitioning Into A Girl

What if your child came into this world as a boy but growing up feels more like a boy? Nowadays changing your gender is easier and sometimes even encouraged. Same goes for a 7-year-old boy from San Francisco, California who is transitioning to being a girl. And mother, Molly is defending his process. 

The boy who now is called "Gracie," began the transition process when "he" was four. Molly shares on the radio station KQED that as parents they at first not agreed with this transition. She says: " we filled her world with trucks and dinosaurs and superheroes," she told the station.

'No, you can't be Elsa for Halloween'

"Like,'No, you can't be Elsa for Halloween. You have to be Superman. No, you can't have the dolls for Christmas. We're going to get you a pirate ship.' We just really tried everything we could. That's the part I'm ashamed of now," Molly said during the interview, part of which was transcribed by

"As soon as Gracie could tell us, it was, 'I'm a girl. I'm a sister. I'm a daughter. I'm that girl on that show. I'm that girl in that book. I'm the princess.' She took every opportunity to tell us she was a girl. She took every towel and blanket and turned it into long hair," Molly recalled.

They changed their minds when a therapist encouraged the couple to allow the boy to transition to a girl even though the parents questioned whether or not the child might change his mind as he grew older. "What will happen, and what I'm hearing when you describe the insistence of Gracie, is you're going to end up with a child who's anxious and depressed and feels ashamed." the therapist explains them. 

Research does show that 73 to 98 percent of transgender children revert back to their biological gender.

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