Feb 04, 2019 by Alyssa Duvall

Where Was The National Outrage For The 7 States Who Allowed Late Term Abortion Before NY?

As a born-and-raised New Yorker, let me tell you that my heart breaks for my otherwise great state and the hellbound trajectory our totalitarian leftist-controlled government has us on. It seems our governor and many of his Democratic compatriots are intent on sharply restraining any impulse of God-given liberty that challenges state control except, of course, when it comes to the sacred cow of abortion, which is now essentially a legal free-for-all.

I have to ask, however, as I have seen headline after headline and comment after comment on social media about New York, where is the outrage for the seven states that already allow late-term abortion? Or, for that matter, the babies who are perfectly legal to murder up to 24 weeks under the previous law and in every other state in the union?

Don't get me wrong, anger at the shedding of innocent blood is righteous, but let's be consistent.

The seven states that have no gestational age limit for abortion are: Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and Vermont, along with Washington, D.C., and New York makes eight.

While children in the womb aren't protected at any stage of fetal development in those states, there are only five clinics in the whole country where a mother may go in for a late-term abortion. Two are in Colorado and Mexico and three are in California, Maryland, and Ohio which, along with the rest of country, allow for certain exceptions in which a mother may procure a late-term abortion for “babies with physical anomalies" or for "the health of the mother, which can include ‘mental health,’” according to Operation Rescue.

In the United States, there are fewer than ten abortionists willing to take on the job of murdering a late-term baby (in a process that takes three to four days to complete) due to liabilities and risks to the mother’s life. 

As of the passage of the barbaric "Reproductive Health Act", there are no clinics willing to perform late-term abortions, but give it time. There are 87 abortion clinics in the Empire State according to Operation Rescue’s 2018 clinic survey. 60 only perform abortions up to 14 weeks gestation, but “there were 17 clinics that limited abortions to 23 weeks or under. Ten clinics were willing to abort through 24 weeks, or the end of the sixth month of pregnancy.”

So, in reality, New York is certainly not the first state to overwhelmingly deregulate abortion and, unless God stops the hands that sign such bills into law, it won't be the last.

Rhode Island legislators have also introduced two bills to make abortion legal up to birth, and the state’s Democrat Gov. Gina Raimondo has already voiced her eagerness to sign such a bill as soon as it hits her desk.

In Virginia, Democrat delegate Kathy Tran and her governor, Ralph Northam, achieved instant notoriety touting their bill (which, praise God, has failed to move) which would have allowed for a child to be murdered "even at the very end of pregnancy when a woman was going into labor."

We must continue to pray for our elected officials but, saints, God has placed us in a nation built upon citizens' participation in government. We must not neglect such an incredible blessing nor abdicate such a weighty responsibility.

Truly, a defender of the unborn should be a defender of all the unborn, including those who can legally be murdered in your state in the 20-24 week range.

If your state allows for the murder of any unborn child at any age, let New York be a warning for you, not a distraction or a temporary target for your knee-jerk anger before you move on to the next thing in life.

If you would like to get involved in saving the unborn in your life, reach out to any of the amazing organizations out there, or simply start by finding out who your local legislator and state senator are and discussing the issue with them. Even the tiniest efforts can accumulate into an avalanche of lifesaving activism, something that can never be achieved with a "like" button or a social media comment.

Most importantly, if there is anyone God has placed in your life who may be "abortion-minded" or "abortion-vulnerable," that person needs your love, your support to choose life, and, most importantly, that person needs the gospel.

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