Feb 05, 2019 by Helena

Gateway Church Starts New Campus in Texas' Biggest Maximum Security Prison

Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church shared last week that there would be a new campus at Coffield Unit in Anderson County, a maximum security prison.

“At Gateway Church, we’re all about people because God is all about people,” Morris told Fox News. “Many of the men and women inside prison have been forgotten by society,

but we want them to know we love them and God loves them

but we want them to know we love them and God loves them, and they are our brothers and sisters in Christ,” Morris adds. 

Watch the video below to see the announcement and some testimonies of the people who attend the church with over 30,000 members.

Gateway Church is the largest church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with six locations and 27 services. The newest location: Coffield Campus, kicked things off with 650 attendees. The church functions like anywhere else, with inmates volunteering to staff the services, form a worship team and keep things running smoothly on Sundays. The church’s campus pastor is an ex-offender named Stephen Wilson.

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