Feb 06, 2019 by Helena

Watch Now: Debate on the Merits of Sex Before Marriage

The YouTube channel Jubilee is a channel where the topics of social issues and conflicts that tend to divide people are commonly being discussed. And just to inform their structures and forms for having conversations around those issues are really productive and positive.

This new video called “Middle Ground”, part of a series selects people on opposite sides of the abstinence and premarital sex to debate and dialogue over the topic.

It's clear that the goal of the video is not to reach agreement; it’s for both sides to be able to speak openly with one another and feel heard. The best part of the video is when the topic of sexual shame is brought up. One woman who grew up in the church but left as a young adult says she was shamed as a kid while practicing abstinence and then shamed by the church when her decisions changed.

Watch the video below:

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