Feb 07, 2019 by Helena

The Other Side of Abortion: The Mom Walking In Unplanned Pregnancy

"Do you remember Pilot Sullenberger (Sully) who landed his plane in the Hudson River saving the lives of all his 155 passengers? His aircraft lost both engines after flying through a flock of geese. Despite being a hero, the NTSB brought charges against him because he didn't save the plane. During the trial, they had flight simulators that 'proved' he should have turned the plane around after the engines shut down and that he could have successfully landed in LaGuardia. Wisdom from experts created evidence against his choice. Finally, his voice was heard. He agreed that there may have been a 'perfect' outcome but he gives voice to the fact the simulators could not factor in having the weight of human life in your hands and making a split second decision that will affect you the rest of your life. After that, all charges were dropped. It is easy to have perfect wisdom when you are clear minded, but the moment you are in a real-life situation there are other factors that control and impact the outcome." Lisa Max shares on her blog on Moral Revolution.

"I have a really hard time taking an 'in your face' public stance against abortion, not because I am not pro-life, I AM, but because I SEE the mom, not just the child. I cringe when I see people standing up for the child and in the meantime pushing the hurt further in the mom. I want to paint a picture to help you understand how a young mother could possibly choose to end the life of her child.

"The enemy preys on situations that shock our system."

The enemy preys on situations that shock our system. The bill that arrived in the mail, a loss of a job, experiencing someone's rage, the death of a loved one, etc. In these moments our mind and nervous system are overwhelmed. This is when the enemy comes in and whispers lies that feel true. We partner with lies at that moment because we have 'evidence' that the lie is true (even though it is not).

When a young girl finds herself pregnant, the shock alone is paralyzing. Many of them are still walking out puberty where their emotions and thinking aren't fully developed. The news is like putting a heavy blanket on a young puppy. It is too heavy for them to process and carry. "You aren't old enough", "You will ruin your child", "Your mom will kill you if she finds out", "People will think you are a whore", "You will never have a life again", "You can't do this", "The father will never walk this out with you", "You are all alone", "You don't even have a car", "You will never get a job now that you have a child" and on and on it goes.

"Shame kicks in which causes many to isolate themselves from family and community."

Shame kicks in which causes many to isolate themselves from family and community. They attempt to carry the weight alone and are left with their own limited fear-based thinking to create a solution.

They are now in extreme emotional isolation. Emotions trigger thoughts and thoughts trigger emotions. It spirals out of control and the 'what if' game brings torment.

Fear races through their minds at the realization they can't even fully care for themselves yet, much less the burden and responsibility of another child. Remember the scene in Titanic when the water was entering the cabin and they were literally sucking the last bit of air out of the corner before the water completely engulfed them? Now picture that person gasping for air with a child attached to them. The inadequacy is paralyzing and a spirit of fear is in operation.

We have girls in shame, fear, and isolation - all tools of the enemy that gain the legal right to influence.

We have girls in shame, fear, and isolation - all tools of the enemy that gain the legal right to influence.

The abortion movement is 'wisdom' inspired by the enemy to steal, kill and destroy the next generation. They go under the disguise of 'helping', but it is like burning down the house to kill a spider. It may have removed the "problem" but leaves scars deep inside.

When a young mom partners with the shame and fear it is like putting a magnet on herself. The abortion industry is there to 'save' them from this situation and also has a magnet attached to it. Both sides attract each other in the spiritual realm. It isn't the young mom in a rational, clear-minded place that is walking into the abortion clinic, it is a young mom who is being influenced by the spirit of fear, profound shame and deep emotional isolation that is leading her there.

After the abortion, the mental torment ceases and the dust clears leaving her to realize what she has just done. There are two roads she must choose - deal with the pain of her reality or push it down so deep it blinds her conscience. Rationalizing in their mind, but knowing in their spirit otherwise.

We can demand 'perfect' choice, but unless we understand what is in operation and HOW a young mom can be seduced to end the life inside of her, we will not help them chose otherwise. The battle is not won on the picket line, but in the spiritual realm.

The enemy's plan is to use fear, shame, and isolation to lure the young mom into the abortion clinic where she volunteers to end the life of her child. God's plan is to use community, love, and acceptance to help the young mom walk through a very challenging situation. This is where true mothers and fathers are needed the most because life is literally depending upon it." Read more about Lisa Max on the Moral Revolution website. 

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