Feb 11, 2019 by Helena

Couple Aborts Baby At 22 Weeks Because The Prenatal Scan Showed A Defect

A story was reported by the daily mail about a couple who chose to abbort their baby daughter after 20-weeks. A prenatal scan showed that the child had a “strong chance” of being born with Spina Bifida, shares Faithwire.

The couple: Jade Dodson, 32, and her husband Mark, 31 tried to get pregnant for over 2,5 years, finally were. But they got the devastating news that their daughter named Amalie would face a “challenging” life. "She would likely suffer brain damage and possible bowel dysfunction and paralysis."

“It was a torturous decision that we had to face,”

“It was a torturous decision that we had to face,” Jade said of aborting her first child. “Whilst it’s never 100 percent clear with spina bifida how severely a child will be affected until they’re born, we had a confident diagnosis from two specialist doctors and lots of scans that Amalie’s case was a bad one. The spina bifida was high in the lumbar region and the higher up the spine, the worse a child is affected."

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