Feb 13, 2019 by Michael

These Kids Sure Know How To Silence A Bully: Just Give Him A Bible!

A couple of months ago, 8-year-old Phoenix and 7-year-old Kingston, were bullied while riding the school bus home from Pasadena’s Turner Elementary. God TV reports the story of how these two kids fight back evil with good. 

The bully kept calling them names and they felt like they wanted to lash back but instead, the chose the high road. The kids shared with their parents how they were bullied but the bullying didn't stop. Their dad, who is also a pastor, prayed about and God revealed an unusual solution. "To love the kid and give him a Bible." They then invited him to church. The bully had nothing other to say than sorry after this act of kindness.

Watch the video for the full interview of these brave and obedient kids:

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