Feb 15, 2019 by Helena

These Women Share Their Regrets On Having A Gender Transition When They Were Teens

These four young women have made a video where they start a discussion one of todays hot topic: gender identity. Ladies, Dagny, Chiara, Jesse and Helena started a new movement called: "Pique Resilience Project" where they want to create a platform for those who have been victimized by progressive transgender ideology, so Faithwire reports.

“All four of us experienced Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) and subsequently identified as trans men for several of our teenage years,” the group’s website notes. “We have all since detransitioned/desisted, and have been able to explore other individual factors that may have caused or exacerbated our dysphoria.”

On their YouTube channel you can find videos about the ongoing discussions surrounding “gender transition” and the pressure to define one’s sexual identity at a young age. 

Below is their first one: 

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