Feb 15, 2019 by Alyssa Duvall

Robert Jeffress Calls "NeverTrump" Evangelicals "Spineless Morons"

One of the loudest American evangelical voices in steadfast support of President Donald Trump, First Baptist Church Of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, had a few choice descriptors for evangelicals who remain "NeverTrumpers".

“Let me say this as charitably as I can,” Jeffress said in a Wednesday appearance on The Todd Starnes Radio Show. “These ‘Never Trump’ evangelicals are morons. They are absolutely spineless morons and they cannot admit that they were wrong.”

Jeffress has been a cheerleader for Trump ever since the Republican primaries and has never been one to mince words about it, but this latest statement is his strongest condemnation of politically-divergent fellow Christians to date.

Jeffress told Starnes, one of Fox News' frequent Christian conservative columnists, that he doesn’t understand why "Never Trump" evangelicals can’t acknowledge the work done by the Trump administration, especially when passing pro-life policies.

“This is an issue of life and death. This is so black and white, so much about good versus evil. I don’t get it,” Jeffress said. “It really goes to the core of who we are as a country and what kind of a country we have in the future, and if we can’t get this issue of life right—I just don’t know where we’re going to go down the road.”

This "spineless morons" comment isn't the first time Jeffress has taken aim at fellow Christians over politics:

"We support this president's conservative positions and what is happening right now vindicates our decision to choose Donald Trump as president,” Jeffress said last June on Fox News. “And I believe the Never Trump movement, the little sliver of it still in evangelicalism, is going to be shut up forever."

Jeffress’ statements on Starnes’ show, naturally, received strong rebuke from people like Alan Cross, a Baptist pastor and missional strategist with the Montgomery Baptist Association:

“Robert Jeffress calls anti-Trump Christians, ‘spineless morons,’ Or, form of ‘Raca,’ which is Aramaic for ‘fool,’” Cross said on Twitter. “Greek word for fool = moros, where we get ‘moron.’ JESUS: ‘whoever says, 'You fool!' will be liable to the hell of fire.’ Matthew 5:22. @robertjeffress should repent.”

Paul Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, a fellow Baptist minister and senior vice president and editor of Voices of Auburn Seminary in New York City, wrote on Twitter that "being called a fool (for being a Christian who does not support trump) by pastor Jeffress is a welcomed confirmation that all is well with my soul."

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