Feb 28, 2019 by Helena

Must See: Tim Tebow's New Movie "Run The Race"

Tim Tebow , former NFL quarterback and now minor league baseball player has produced a new hit film: Run the race. CBN News reports on the new film. 

"You look at the last ten years and all of the twists and turns my life has taken. And not a lot of them you could have possibly predicted. But I am grateful for all of them. I love what I'm doing," Tebow says.

"Run the Race" recently premiered in Hollywood, and tells the story of the weight of the world, and the love of a brother.

"The world is not always easy. Society is not always easy on us," Tebow said. "So if we can encourage young people on their journey, on their race, it would be worth it. So that's why we really started this, to have them go see a movie and walk away and be inspired. And hopefully knowing you're not always going to win, you're not always going to come in first. But you're loved in the process, you're special. And there's a reason and a purpose for you and you can pursue your passions."

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