Feb 28, 2019 by Michael

This African Church Faked A Ressurection And The Story Is Getting Even Weirder

An event at a church in South Africa went viral this weekend after a controversial pastor claimed to raise a man from the dead, reported Relevant. In the video below, pastor Alph Lukau is standing over an open coffin with a man lying in it and is telling everybody that the man died on Friday.

Lukau then starts to pray and says “Rise up!” The man, identified as “Elliot,”  then dramatically leans up from the coffin as the crowd begins to cheer. 

The church now wants to clarify some things after a funeral company said that they may sue the pastor for being tricked into participating. The BBC says that they are taking legal action “for damage to their reputation.”

The church has been saying that the man was actually already alive when he arrived in the coffin at the church and their pastor “completed a miracle that God had already started.”

From Sowtan Live News: “[Church leaders say] the man identified as Elliot in the video had arrived alive and kicking inside a coffin at the church gate. Church minister Busi Gaca and pastor Rochelle Kombou described how the hearse driver ran away in fear after hearing a rattling noise coming from inside the coffin upon arriving at the church.”

Gaca told the newspaper, “As soon as they got here they started hearing movement coming from the coffin. And you know [in] our culture, if a person is dead and you start hearing movement people get scared.”

She explains, “The man of God completed the miracle by praying because prayer is the key.”

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