Mar 01, 2019 by Michael

This Pastor Died, Went To Heaven And Heard Jesus

A pastor in Louisville, Kentucky said that he died during an operation in the hospital and went to heaven and even met his organ donor, reported CBN. The pastor of the Iona Community Church in Louisville, Mike Olsen, has battled Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a terminal lung disease for five years. Watch the video and facebook post here.

Doctors had told Olsen that he only had two years left to live, when he was diagnosed in 2014. IPF causes the lungs to slowly deteriorate due to a build-up of scar tissue, there's also is no known cause and no cure.

"Remember me when you go to make a vote when you go sign something. I'm a real person, and this is a disease that is devastating to so many people"

During the time when Olsen was waiting for a transplant, he turned his plight into a message for those suffering from IPF. He dedicated himself to promoting organ donation and IPF awareness. At present, more than 1,000 patients are on an organ transplant list just in Kentucky, according to organ donor associations. 

Olsen's efforts even took him to the White House where he met President Donald Trump in the Oval Office in March of 2018. 

"That's what I wanted. I wanted (Trump) to see my face," Olsen told the television station. "Remember me when you go to make a vote when you go sign something. I'm a real person, and this is a disease that is devastating to so many people."

"I said, 'I'm trying to raise awareness for this disease,' and I said, 'it's so important I get the word out about this,'" he recalled.

Earlier this month, Olsen finally received the news for which he had been waiting, a new set of lungs had been donated. 

"I felt so privileged that I got the call, but I know I was at a turning point," he said. "If I hadn't got the call, I would have died." 

During the transplant surgery, things were looking up until something happened and it went downhill. In a Facebook Live video, Olsen's wife Patti asked followers to pray for Mike.  

"His body was not being oxygenated properly by his new lungs," she said.

Olsen ended up in a coma attached to a ventilator.  In an emotional video posted to Facebook, Olsen recounted his time in heaven.

"I saw these swirling lights and I heard this pattern of voices or something. And I just realized now what they were saying," Olsen said as his voice chokes with emotion. "They were saying: 'Mike's coming home. Mike's coming home. And then I heard Jesus say: 'It's not his time. He's just here for a visit.'"

"But now it's coming back to me like a story unfolding and I'm realizing I had a genuine supernatural experience with God," he said. "And it really helps me realize the love of God for each one of us."

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