Mar 05, 2019 by Helena

NewSpring Church's Volunteer Charged With 14 Counts of Sexual Misconduct With Underaged Children

Relevant Magazine reports South Carolina’s NewSpring Church has to deal with two lawsuits alleging that low oversight and a lack of diligence enabled a former church daycare volunteer to molest at least 14 children. The church has responded to one of the lawsuits saying: “Such criminal act was not intended or directed by NewSpring and could not be foreseen by NewSpring. NewSpring performed a screening process that included a criminal background check that showed no prior records.” They still have to respond to the second one. 

touching a 3-year inappropriately

Jacob Hazlett, 28- year old volunteer at the NewSpring’s Charleston campus daycare, was caught on tape touching a 3-year inappropriately. He was arrested in November and has been charged for 14 counts of first and third-degree sexual misconduct with a minor. 

The lawsuits against NewSpring entail the inadequacy of the church to monitor their own security footage and that the did not do a thorough enough of a background check on Hazlett.  

"To know that they took their children to this church, were required to put their sons in daycare to attend Sunday services were told their boys would be safe,” said Josh Slavin, the attorney representing the families. “Then come to find out that there was rampant abuse happening week in, week out right under NewSpring Church’s noses.”

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