Mar 06, 2019 by Helena

Witch Doctor Kills Wife and Son To Gain More Supernatural Power But Unexpectedly Meets Jesus

Christian Post shares how Jacob was next in line to assume the position of chief witch doctor in his village in Africa after his grandfather had passed away. He didn't know how to fill these steps but went along to become a witch doctor but little did he know where he would end up. 

His spells could bring either healing or death

He became so famous that people traveled from other nations to witness his power. His spells could bring either healing or death; his words could calm the tortured mind or drive people mad.

But gets told to do absurd things so he will receive more immense supernatural power. He is to make a blood sacrifice of someone close to him. Sadly he kills his cousin, mother, wife, and even his own son.

Even though it brought him greater supernatural power, guilt started to torment him. He turned to alcohol to drink away his pain, but with no luck. But on a random day, he overheard people talking about a movie that was to be shown in the village that night. Curious, he decided to attend. As he watched the JESUS Film, his hearts gets convicted and he has an encounter with God!

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