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Mar 06, 2019 by Alyssa Duvall

British Columbia Supreme Court Rules Against Parents Seeking To Stop Their Trans Teen From Getting Hormone Injections

In a shocking, landmark decision, the highest court of British Columbia, Canada, has ruled that a 14-year-old girl can receive male hormone injections without her parents’ consent. The ruling also states that if either parent attempted to prevent their daughter from receiving the injections, they could be found guilty of “family violence.”

Last Wednesday, a judge ruled that the girl, known as “Maxine”, was “exclusively entitled to consent to medical treatment for gender dysphoria,” regardless of her parents’ opinions or concerns.

“Attempting to persuade [Maxine] to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria; addressing [Maxine] by his birth name; referring to [Maxine] as a girl or with female pronouns whether to him directly or to third parties; shall be considered to be family violence under s. 38 of the Family Law Act,” the ruling stated.

Maxine’s father, “Clark,” responded to the ruling, saying that “the government has taken over my parental rights,” according to The Federalist.

When Maxine was just 12 years old, Clark found out that administrators at Maxine's Delta, British Columbia school were treating her as a boy. Until that point, he had been unaware that Maxine began identifying as a boy named “Quinn” at the advice of her school counselor. The district adamantly defended that it was following official policy laid out in the BC Ministry of Education’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Policy.

Instead of having an ounce of consideration for Clark and his parental rights, Maxine's school instead decided to refer her to Dr. Wallance Wong, a psychologist and LGBT activist. Dr. Wong decided in his initial consultation with Maxine that she should undergo immediate gender reassignment therapy, starting with hormone injections.

Maxine’s dad was extremely concerned by this treatment plan and refused to sign consent papers for the hormone treatment.

Undeterred, the hospital overseeing Maxine's treatment simply disregarded Clark's refusal to consent and mailed him a letter stating that the medical team would start the injections anyway in two weeks.

“Quinn’s healthcare team has concluded that he possesses sufficient maturity and intelligence to be capable of consenting to his own medical care, notwithstanding the fact that he is only 14 years old,” the letter read, according to The Federalist.

“Furthermore, the team agrees that the proposed course of treatment is in his best interests,” the letter continued. “We appreciate that these conclusions differ from your own... We always strive to get parents to agree to support a proposed course of treatment, however, under these circumstances we are of the view that it is ultimately up to Quinn to give or withhold consent to his own medical care; neither you nor his mother can make this decision for him.”

Refusing to give in and allow his daughter to become a martyr of the transgender movement, Clark has fought Maxine's "treatment" all the way to the BC Supreme Court, but his fight won't end there.

“They’re using [Maxine] like she’s a guinea pig in an experiment,” Clark added in his response to the Supreme Court ruling. “Is BC Children’s Hospital going to be there in 5 years when she rejects [her male identity]? No, they’re not. They don’t care. They want numbers.”

“We’re gonna fight this right up to the Supreme Court of Canada,” Clark declared. “We’re not quitting.”

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