Mar 07, 2019 by Michael

Morgan Freeman Hopes Viewers Will Become More Tolerant Of All Faiths When Watching 'Story of God'

National Geographic launched a third season of "The Story of God with Morgan Freeman," on Tuesday night. Freeman says that he hopes the series will help viewers become more tolerant of different religions and belief systems, reported The Christian Post

"We're hoping that most people will take away something in particular"

“We're hoping that most people will take away something in particular, and that particular thing would be: we must all be tolerant of other belief systems because they all narrow down and they all boil down to the same core idea — that love works,” Freeman told The Christian Post last Friday.

Freeman explores historical facts about Jesus in the episode titled “God Among Us.” Freeman, however, says that nothing was new was revealed to him about Jesus during the investigations. 

“I'm raised in the South, which is real Jesus country. So I don't think that there was anything that I learned in this process. That was not new information for me,” he explained. 

"I think Christians might find some aha's in this,” she continued. “When we find the place where, for the first time Jesus is referred to as God, I think that's so enlightening and so surprising for me as a Christian that there's a place like that.”

In a previous interview with CP, Freeman said he felt most closely aligned with Zoroastrianism. 

“I think that probably the most realization that I had in all of this was the realization of what faith I could adopt. I grew up like most southerners, somewhere between Methodist and Baptist in the Protestant faith, not much of a practitioner,” Freeman admitted.

“But what I learned in terms of being able to claim a religion, was that I’m mostly attuned to Zoroastrianism. This is a very ancient religion with the simplest of tenants — good thoughts, good words, good deeds — so easy to live by,” he said.

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