Mar 07, 2019 by Helena

American Idol Judges Are Amazed By The Voice Of a Homeless Girl Who Got Sent By Her Church

Kalifa Wilson,19, whose artist name is "Kai the Singer" has made it to the next round of the ABC series "American Idol." so CBN News reports. 

She sang the song and (played both the guitar and the piano) by The Temptations "My Girl" in front of judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Ritchie. 

She impressed the judges with her performance but it was her motivation and story of coming to American Idol that blew them really away. Wilson said her background was rough, growing up in shelters and basically living out of a car sometimes. 
"But I thank God for the car," she said.

Luke Bryan one of the judges said: "When you got on the piano, it truly started stirring many, many emotions in me. And quite frankly, I don't know how kids like you pony up and make it here." And Wilson replied "My church,".

As she wiped her eyes, Perry told Wilson she was raised in the church too.

"I didn't grow up with any money. Money was always a problem. It was the cause of everything not great in my life," Perry explained. "We had food stamps and were at the food bank, all that stuff because my parents were traveling ministers. And so, when I was 13, the church bought me a guitar," she continued.

when I was 13, the church bought me a guitar

when I was 13, the church bought me a guitar

"Exactly, so I relate to what you are saying. I think it's so beautiful. And I think you know... it doesn't really matter where you come from," Perry told Wilson. "I know it's so hard, this struggle. And you're an inspiration to so many people by getting here today." 

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