Mar 07, 2019 by Helena

Utah Bill Is Approved: Prohibits Abortion of Down Syndrome Babies

Amazing news according to CBN News: Utah legislature has approved a measure to ban aborting babies born with Down Syndrome.

The state Senate voted 20-6 for the bill last Thursday and the state House approved the bill earlier this month with a 54-15 vote.

 "because the unborn child had or may have had Down syndrome." 

This Bill stops anyone from having an abortion solely on the motivations of: "because the unborn child had or may have had Down syndrome." 

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Karianne Lisonbee, said last month that "in recent years there has been a shocking increase in abortions performed for no other reason than because a prenatal test identified the potential for a trait a parent didn't like. For a society that claims to uphold tolerance and inclusiveness, it appears we still have a long way to go." 

Utah's Senate President Stuart Adams (R-Layton) response to why he approved the bill is: "The blessing of life and the blessing of Down syndrome kids and their simple way of life and the way they look at things, that's a hard question to answer," Adams replied, "and hopefully you just see the value of it," 

According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, abortion reduces the Down syndrome community in the United States by 30 percent. 

"A Down Syndrome diagnosis shouldn't be a death sentence," Pro-Life Utah said in support of the bill. "Selective abortion, for any reason, is the very definition of eugenics. History warns us that this is a very dangerous road to take.  Utah needs to draw a defining line in the sand and declare loudly to the world, 'We will not go there!'"

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