Mar 07, 2019 by Michael

This Christian Band Praises God After A Brutal Accident

The Christian rock band Seventh Day Slumber was praising God after they had survived a horrific tour bus crash in Hillsboro, Texas, reported The Christian Post.

“Please keep us in your prayers. We are all ok, just banged up. A few are still at the hospital being looked at. Also, please say some prayers for the firefighters. Those guys were so nice and this was pretty traumatic for them as well!” frontman Joseph Rojas wrote on Facebook after the accident.

“We had nowhere else to go. Our driver was going under the speed limit"

Early Sunday morning on Interstate 35, the bus slammed into the rear of a fire truck, Rojas said. He said that he had nowhere to go when, after driving over a hill they were met with a fire truck in front of them. 

“We had nowhere else to go. Our driver was going under the speed limit. We support all first responders and we pray for them and their families. This was unavoidable for us,” he said.

"For some reason the 18-wheeler decided to brake unexpectedly. The tour bus driver immediately took evasive action trying to steer around the 18-wheeler to avoid the crash and when he went to the right he struck the fire truck,” Hill County Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Hemrick told the news outlet.

There were several on the bus that suffered minor injuries. All the injuries were treated at a nearby hospital and later released.

“We walked away from this and we’re all banged up and bruised but we walked away from this and we know it was God that did that,” Rojas testified in a Facebook Live video taken at the scene of the crash.

“The same God that kept us alive during this wreck is the same God that will take care of us further down our road,” he added.

“Keep us all in prayer, all us bands, it’s rough out here,” Rojas concluded in his message to fans.

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