Mar 08, 2019 by Michael

Would-Be Father Has Permission To Sue Abortion Clinic, According To Alabama Judge

Ryan Magers would have been a father, but his girlfriend aborted their 6-week-old unborn baby two years ago. Magers has been granted permission to sue the clinic that provided the abortion, reported The Christian Post. The judge made the decision after he recognized the fetus as a person with legal rights. Brent Helms is Magers’ attorney,and told news station WAAY 31 that this was the first decision of its kind in the nation.

"I'm here for the men who actually want to have their baby"

“We have already had a victory, and it was the first one of its kind, ever," Helms told WAAY 31. "This is the first estate that I'm aware of that has ever been opened for an aborted baby.”

"I'm here for the men who actually want to have their baby," Magers said after he filed a lawsuit last month in Madison County against the abortion clinic, their employees and the pharmaceutical company that makes the medication used to abort of his child.

Magers had revealed that he pleaded with his girlfriend not to end the life of his unborn child. He believes that “every child from conception is a baby and deserves to live.”

"I just tried to plead with her and plead with her and just talk to her about it and see what I could do. But in the end, there was nothing I could do to change her mind," Magers said.

At the time of the abortion in February 2017, Magers was seeking legal counsel. The pro-life organization, Personhood Alliance, said that they helped Magers sue on behalf of his unborn child, and explained that the suit was brought to prevent profiting from abortion.

“In most states, wrongful death lawsuits can take into consideration medical bills, lost earning capacity, and other factors, but in Alabama, wrongful death lawsuits are meant exclusively to punish the defendant for their wrongful behavior and to deter similar conduct by others. This means that, if this case is successful, Alabama law could punish abortion clinics and pharmaceutical companies under the wrongful death law to prevent them from continuing to profit from the killing of pre-born children,” the organization explained.

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