Mar 11, 2019 by Helena

Katy Perry On American Idol: "I Rebuke You Satan!"

"American Idol" judge Katy Perry is getting back to her Christian roots during a terrifying performance! In the audition video seen on Christian Post the Buffalo, New York-based singer Ethan Fingold performs a dark and mysterious song, and Perry is obviously scared and not impressed.

In the new season of ABC’s "American Idol" Fingold shares his passion on his one-man band "VoKillz"  that is specialized on a genre he is introducing “mystic death trap metal,”. Fingold says “It’s time to summon the dark energy!”

It’s time to summon the dark energy

Coming into the audition room he wore a dark skull mask and wants to give Perry a necklace that he specially enchanted for her as a gift. “I rebuke you Satan,” the famous preacher's kid yelled at him. And continues to perform an original song “American Creature,” which resulted in Perry and fellow judge Lionel Ritchie hiding under the desk as he shouted the lyric “you better bow down” and “Hell.”

I Rebuke you satan

After Perry tried to make it in the Christian music scene since she was raised by Christian parents who are traveling Pentecostal ministers but did not succeed she tried her luck in the pop world. She says she doesn't necessarily identify herself as a Christian but some statements she makes on Social media etc say speaks to differ.

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