Mar 11, 2019 by Michael

Todd White Shares About Overcoming Temptation And Spending Time With Jesus

Todd White recently shared his thoughts on ways in which believers can discipline themselves with overcoming temptation. Todd White helped organize The Send, a "new Jesus movement" that took place in Orlando last weekend and was attended by almost 60,000 people, according to The Christian Post.

Todd White experienced a radical change in lifestyle, he used to be an atheist and drug addict, but now serves God in incredible ways. At the event last weekend, he spoke about how to resist evil and keep our focus on God in a world full of distractions.

“When I got saved, I realized I was living for the devil my whole life and I was blind," he told The Christian Post. "This master of darkness blinded me and I was ball and chained to him and I had no idea that I was a slave to sin and an instrument of unrighteous my whole life."

“If I do it out of discipline, it's kind of out of duty, but if I do it out of love then it's completely different”

White said that he fell in love with Jesus after he was saved and then started to realize that those who love Him will also follow His commands. He went omn by saying:

“The two greatest commandments are to love God and love my neighbor as myself. I can't love my neighbor unless I love myself, and I can't love myself unless I know how much God loves me. And so when I dove into this, I just started to spend time with Him.” 

White's biggest emphasis was that it’s all about spending time with Jesus.
“If I do it out of discipline, it's kind of out of duty, but if I do it out of love then it's completely different,” White continued. “His love empowers me to walk out what the grace of God has called me to, He's called me to the truth. The truth in love is different. So when I find out how much the father loves me, I find out my value. And when I find out my value, I no longer want to do those things that [my flesh] calls me to do. But I want to spend time with Him because the greatest opportunities we have is to know Him.”

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