Mar 11, 2019 by Michael

Tragic Fire Causes Death Of Pastor, Wife And Teenage Daughter

Pastor, Eugene Keahey, was found dead his family home, along with his wife and their 15-year-old daughter, reported The Christian Post. Keahey shared the home with his wife Deanna, who had four children. An older son and daughter were not believed to be in the home at the time, NBC Washington reported.

"We're heartbroken, but we just have to press on.”

The members of Keahey’s Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Sandbranch who came together for service on Sunday said they were heartbroken by his passing.
"Part of me has been dreading this all week," Mount Zion Baptist Church Music Director Maurice Hale told NBCDFW. "It's taken a lot of courage to come out for this, but this is what pastor would have wanted us to do… We're heartbroken, but we just have to press on.”

Cedar Hill police Sgt. Chad Cooley told NBCDFW on Friday that the investigators don't suspect that there was any kind of intruder, but were reviewing Facebook posts made by the pastor himself.

Keahey had changed his cover photo about three weeks ago to a picture with the words, "We all have secrets." Shortly before the fire was reported, at 3:57 a.m. Thursday, the pastor also posted a cryptic message online referring to "this difficult time in my life" and ended with the phrase, "Good Night Y'all."

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