Mar 12, 2019 by Helena

Franklin Graham Tells Jim Bakker That His Father's Death Will Unleash All the Demons of Hell

In a recent episode of The Jim Bakker Show, Jim and Lori Bakker repeat something they heard Franklin Graham say. He told them that after the death of his father Billy Graham it would unleash all the demons of hell . 

This comes up during a segment about how Revelation 12 that explains how the current anti-preacher, anti-Israel sentiment is gripping the world.

At the funeral The Bakkers went into office and sat down with Franklin Graham. Jim Bakker asks with full suspension: "What do you think the passing of your daddy means?" And Graham answerede:  "Jim, now is the time to stand. The passing of my father means all the demons of hell have been unleashed.'" 

Watch the full video on this daring statement below or on Charisma Magazine

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