Mar 14, 2019 by Helena

‘Desiring God’ Writer Furious That ‘Captain Marvel’ Movie Encourages Women That They Can Be a Hero

Captain Marvel the new Disney movie that just came out and has already made millions of profit is being targeted by a writer for John Pipers ministry, "Desiring God". Relevant Magazine reports on the comments. 

Greg Morse, a staff writer for John Piper’s Desiring God website shares how he totally disagrees with the take on the movie.

How far we’ve come since the days of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.

"As I consider Disney’s new depiction of femininity in Captain Marvel, I cannot help but mourn. How far we’ve come since the days of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.The great drumroll of the previous Avenger movies led to this: a woman protecting men and saving the world. The mightiest of all the Avengers — indeed, after whom they are named — is the armed princess turned feminist queen, who comes down from the tower to do what Prince Charming could not."

It is clear that Morse does not agree with how women are being portayed in this movie and how they are motivated to be "heroes".  His main concern is that women now, will feel even more called to go into combat and the military. He doesn't agree with that equality, he believes it's best that women aren't on the battlefield. And that we should love and honor women in a different way. 

"I do not blame Marvel for inserting the trending feminist agenda into its universe. Where else can this lucrative ideology — which contrasts so unapologetically with reality — go to be sustained, if not to an alternative universe? Verse after verse, story after story, fact after fact, study after study, example after example dispels the myth of sameness between the sexes …Am I nitpicking? It is a movie after all. I wish it were. Instead of engaging the movie’s ideology as mere fiction, a fun escape to another world, we have allowed it to bear deadly fruit on earth. Along with Disney, we abandon the traditional princess vibe, and seek to empower little girls everywhere to be strong like men. Cinderella trades her glass slipper for combat boots; Belle, her books for a bazooka. Does the insanity bother us anymore?" Morse adds. 

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