Kidnap photo (Source: CBN video)


Mar 15, 2019 by Kidnap photo

WATCH: CBN News Reporter Nearly Kidnapped On Venezuela Border

In the border town of Cucuta, thugs paid by Venezuelan Dictator Nicholas Maduro's regime are looking for people that they can rob and kidnap. One of those attempts to kidnap has been captured on video. While the US embassy was pulling its remaining personnel out of Caracas on Tuesday, a CBN News reporter went back to the border where aid shipments were being burned by Venezuelan troops two weeks ago and was being attacked and kidnapped. Watch the video here

News reporter Chuck Holton said the following:

"As I was filming along the riverbank, I was attacked by three men who tried to drag me into Venezuela. There were several signs that these attackers were tied to the regime - for example, they were smoking cigarettes which most Venezuelans can't afford since they're struggling to survive."

He then continued by saying "while my camera was broken in the confrontation, I was able to get away from my attackers and they fled back across the river. But it was a powerful lesson in how Maduro's brutal regime uses its power against these people every day."

The bridge that had thousands of people crossing on it is now almost completely empty. This has been the result of the border between Venezuela and Colombia being officially closed. 

Most of the refugees that were crossing the border here are now looking for new ways to cross the border, risking everything to cross in difficult locations. 

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