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Mar 15, 2019 by Alyssa Duvall

Child Services Clears Mom Of 11YO Drag Kid Who Danced For Dollars And Hung Out With A Murderer

In spite of the overwhelmingly obvious fact that he is being "groomed" for exploitation and abuse, the parents of 11-year-old "drag kid" Desmond (known on stage as "Desmond Is Amazing") were investigated and deemed clear of any wrongdoing by Brooklyn's Administration for Children's Services (ACS) and the NYPD.

That's right, the parents who allow and encourage their prepubescent child to dance in gay nightclubs while grown men toss dollar bills at him like a stripper, allow him to associate in person with one of his idols (who happens to be a convicted murderer), and be so blatantly exploited and sexualized have done nothing wrong in the eyes of the New York City authorities.

After little Desmond first made headlines when a video of his suggestive dancing at the 3 Dollar Club in Brooklyn went viral on social media, his mother, Wendy Napoles, says "haters" filed more than 150 complaints with ACS.

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This is what it has come to. We have been accused of child abuse, exploitation & maltreatment to the point that we have been backed into a corner trying to defend ourselves. Recently a YouTube video was made stating that we should allow ACS (CPS) to investigate if we have nothing to hide. Which we have & we do not have anything to hide. We have been under a microscope since early December. I never thought I would have to breach my own privacy & confidentiality to provide proof that has been demanded of us out of malice . . ACS has investigated us thoroughly. Because of the number of reports they received, our case went all the way to the Governor's office. We had announced visits & unannounced visits to our home nearly daily & at all hours & Desmond's school. Our family was probed more intensely than any other case before. All allegations were "unfounded". Currently, we send screenshots of anyone encouraging others or admitting to contacting ACS to ACS to keep in our file. ACS is not a weapon. So many ACS resources could have gone to families that needed help. On the plus side, ACS has been offering us many support services . . In addition, we were investigated by the NYPD, the Child Advocacy Center, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Department of Labor, and the District Attorney's office. No abuse or maltreatment was found. No regulations for child performers were broken. No illegal activity has occurred . . We endured countless posts & videos slandering our family by people who have never contacted us for the truth or watched Desmond's videos where he has spoken for himself. We put up with lies & rumors. We daily clear social media of hateful comments & messages. Someone has been messaging Desmond's followers to convince them of alleged abuse. We deal with hate crimes & death threats perpetuated by "concerned citizens" & have been stalked. The NYPD is assisting us. Desmond has extra security measures in place at his school. All of this because we allow Desmond to be himself & do what he loves. We are a loving and supporting family. Anyone who knows us or met us can attest to that . . ** Covered address & case numbers for privacy **

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Now, vindicated and emboldened by what amounts to government affirmation of their treatment of Desmond, his parents are all the more ramped up to allow the boy to forego a healthy childhood continue on this dangerous path of child hyper-sexualization.

Although the overwhelming voices on social media seem to either unflinchingly defend Desmond and his family or condemn them, a few encouraging Reddit threads reveal that not everyone, including those within the LGBT community, is ignorant of the fact that the boy is being abused.

"Desmond's situation bothers me so much," wrote Reddit user 'rosebanana', who is clearly not one who can easily be silenced as an anti-LGBT bigot. "It's possible to be a flamboyant, femme boy at 10yo for sure. Just letting him be that and go out in drag to all-age events a couple of times a year would be enough. Do some photoshoots for self-expression and fun."

"But he's essentially being groomed by his parent/s, made ready for the vultures that circle," the comment continues. "How could he even play with another 10yo kid who doesn't get all the adult stuff Desmond is into, know or care what a club kid is? A disconnect has been introduced to where he'd no doubt prefer to be in the company of adults who 'get' his references and interests. Coaching a child to be so 'adult' at this young age is grooming.[emphasis added] It uproots him from his peers, those who he cognitively matches and who he can talk to on a level playing field."

"He's still a child with a child's cognition, except now he's completely vulnerable to the goodwill of the many adults around him, who need to be honourable enough to choose not to manipulate or exploit him," the writer's statement concludes. "He'll never reclaim that 10yo life that he should be living, and the adults around him will always have the upper hand. We're talking about the club scene too, which is sociopathic as all get-out. He's absolutely going to be exploited in his teens but he'll no doubt be convinced that he chose it."

"What parent would want their kid to be someone who is known for throwing illegal parties and doing drug, and murdering a drug dealer," wrote another user, referring to Desmond's close association with Michael Alig, who started a cultic nightclub scene and was released in 2014 after serving 17 years for the murder of his friend and drug dealer. "If the kid keeps contacts with Michael Alig who knows what horrifying connections Desmond might meet. Michael Alig literally created an entire empire of club culture that is way to mature for a kid to get into. I don’t even like that fact that Desmond is Amazing is dancing and making club appearances. He literally being tipped as well— like who gets to keep that money."

"I couldn't agree more," wrote another Reddit user, echoing the growing concerns for Desmond's safety. "I legit fear for this kid's future."

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