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Mar 18, 2019 by Helena

The World is Grieving With Muslims After Horrific Massacre In Christchurch Mosque

Last Friday New Zealand had one of it's darkest day. A gunman attacked two mosques on Friday in the city of Christchurch, during Friday prayers. The death toll has gone up to 50. Police Commissioner Mike Bush also said that 36 people are still hospitalized and that two of them are in critical condition. A suspect is in custody, but authorities in New Zealand are not ruling out the possibility that the shooter had help, so reports. 

The suspect, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, appeared in court Saturday and showed no emotion whatsoever when he was accused of the horrofic act.

As if the attack was not terrible enough Tarrant, posted an anti-immigrant manifesto online and apparently used a helmet-mounted camera to broadcast live video of the slaughter in the city of Christchurch. It is obvious the attackers are trying to get as much of publicity as they can get.

New Zealands Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, states that it is “one of New Zealand’s darkest days” and said the shooter, an Australian native, had chosen to strike in New Zealand “because we represent diversity, kindness, compassion.”

The whole country is showing compassion for the affected family and the moslim community. “Love always wins over hate. Lots of love for our Muslim brothers,” read a handwritten card on a wall of flowers in a historic part of the city. 

But also the world has been griefing with New Zealand. Many Christian religious leaders from all around the globe have show their support and condoleances with the family. 

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