Jackie Hill Perry (Photo: YouTube)


Mar 18, 2019 by Alyssa Duvall

Former "Gay Girl" Christian Poet Explains What You Need To Know If Your Child Feels They Are Gay Or Trans

Jackie Hill Perry is a woman with a powerful testimony. As a former homosexual, Hill Perry lived for many years in a serious romantic relationship with a woman until God's incredible grace saved her from her sin. Now, Hill Perry is married with beautiful children, but that's still not the source of her identity—Jesus is.

In a world where gender, orientation, and even our very human identities are considered "fluid" by an increasingly vocal minority, testimonies like Hill Perry's and those like her are uniquely valuable to her brothers and sisters in the Lord who may find themselves navigating these difficult waters in their own families.

In a timeless interview with The Gospel Coalition, Hill Perry was asked what she thinks parents need to know about sexual identity if their child "seems confused."

“I think you need to know God’s intention for sexuality, in the sense of in Genesis 1 when God said, ‘Let us make man in our image,’ and, ‘In the image of God, he made them male and female,'” Hill Perry answered, drawing from Scripture's clear stance on the matter.

“I think we see in the scripture that gender or sex is not fluid. It’s not open to interpretation. It’s not available for us as human beings to change. God is God, and I think as parents we have to be convinced of this truth because if we’re not convinced of this truth, we’ll easily be led astray by trying to please and affirm our children.”

Hill Perry expounded greatly on the issue of identity in a Twitter story captured by Faithwire's Tré Goins-Phillips. To her, our identity should not be found in our sins, past or current. For the Christian, our identity is in Christ:

“If you are a person who has repented of your sins and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and He has filled you with His Spirit," Hill Perry declared, "what you are now is a child of God."

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