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Mar 19, 2019 by Michael

LGBT Protest Breaks Out At Liberty University After Falwell's Remarks

A protest was sparked by some pro-LGBT students after the president of Liberty University and his wife mentioned that their granddaughter will be raised according to her God-given gender, reported CBN.

"She's our granddaughter, and we're raising her as a girl," Mrs. Falwell said. "We're not letting her have a choice. God makes the choice of what the babies are going to be and God decided she would be a girl."

The Falwells explained that their own sons grew up around firearms and their granddaughter always carries a baby doll with her.

A total of about 30 students had responded to the Falwells' remarks by starting a protest and waving gay pride flags and carrying signs supporting transgender rights on the University campus. Some signs said "LGBTQ Lives Matter" and "Hate is a choice, being transgender is not."

"We're out here mainly to start conversations, but to also be supportive," said Elizabeth Axley, a sophomore demonstrator who says she's bisexual. "Yes, this is a Christian campus and, yes, Jerry Falwell, Jr. has insinuated that he does not care about you, but that does not mean that every Liberty student does not care about you — we love you."

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