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Mar 20, 2019 by Helena

Supreme Court Orders Christian B&B Owner To Serve a Lesbian Couple

A Christian bed and breakfast refused to serve a lesbian couple because of their religious beliefs. They made an appeal since a lower court ordered them they had to, but then the US Supreme Court refused this appeal, so CBN News reports. 

Phyllis Young, the owner of Aloha Bed & Breakfast in Honolulu, Hawaii, was the one who refused to rent a room to Diane Cervili and Taeko Bufford in 2007 due to her religious beliefs about same-sex marriage. The couple then sued Young and accused her of discriminating against them because of their sexuality.

Alliance Defending Freedom represented Young and argued that because she "only rented 1-3 rooms in her personal home she did not fall under the Hawaii public accommodations law that makes sexual-orientation discrimination unlawful."

But unfortunately, a state court found Young in violation of Hawaii's Civil Rights Commissions' public accommodation law. The law makes it "illegal to deny a person access to or to treat them unequally in a place of public accommodation" because of a person's "religion," "sexual orientation," and "gender identity or expression. This means the B&B will face a penalty. 

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