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Mar 20, 2019 by Helena

Great Testimony: From NFL Player To Farmer

Jason Brown was one of the best NFL players. But Brown discovered that money and fame are perishable things in life. He shares with FaithWire how God woke him up and showed him his true calling. 

One time even he was the highest paid center in NFL history after signing a $37.5 million dollar contract. He had it all and still felt empty inside. His heart was not content. He says in a recent episode of Oliver North’s American Heroes: “We were living the lifestyle. When I got to the top of the mountain, we were lonely. I had bought into the idea that money could buy you happiness. I thought I was special, just like everyone else thinks they’re special. I was no different. I was gaining the world, and losing my soul.”

“I wasn’t happy about what I saw in the mirror"

He continues and says that his 27th birthday was a major turning point for him. “I wasn’t happy about what I saw in the mirror because 27 was the same age that Lunsford (his brother) was when he was slain in service,” Brown explained. “I began to measure up my life and everything I had accomplished over 27 years in contrast with Lunsford’s life. There was no comparison. He had lived a life of service, while I was living a life of selfishness and entertainment.”

He realized he had to start making changes in his life and told his wife: "‘we’ve got it all wrong. We’ve got to get back to faith and family first.”

In the interview, he explains how he had no idea how to move forward but how God directed his steps and how he now feels more at peace and purpose in his life. 

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