Mar 20, 2019 by Alyssa Duvall

Catholic Journalist Subject To Interrogation After "Misgendering" A Trans Child, Yet Police Will Do Nothing About Threats Against Her

Caroline Farrow, a Catholic journalist in England, was notified by police that she may have committed a criminal offense by "misgendering" the transgender child of an LGBT activist and will soon be interrogated under caution. 

Farrow, who writes for the U.K.-based Catholic Herald, was contacted not long after a September appearance on “Good Morning Britain” in which she debated Susie Green, the leader of the transgender advocacy group "Mermaids."

In the GMB interview, Farrow argued that single-sex spaces in children's schools and other public places should be maintained and, among other things, declared that females do not have penises.

What prompted a response from the authorities, however, was Farrow's alleged referral to Green’s child, a biological male who who underwent a surgical procedure in Thailand several years ago to remove his genitals and now identifies as a girl named "Jackie," with incorrect pronouns on Twitter.

"I do not know what I am supposed to have done but the police told me that 'you appeared on 'Good Morning Britain' with Susie Green and made some tweets misgendering her daughter,'" Farrow said in an interview with The Christian Post.

"I have to go and be interviewed under caution, a taped interview where I will be shown offending tweets which supposedly constitute the offence of Malicious Communications," Farrow explained. "If you look up the offence you’ll see that I am not in breech. I haven’t threatened or said anything that I know to be untrue or is indecent or grossly offensive."

"I think I may have said something about her taking her son abroad for surgery. Which is true. She did," she continued. "But I guess she is baulking about him being called a son. But at what point did he become a daughter? Because surely at the point she took him to be castrated he was a boy?"

While police are after Farrow for her alleged "hate speech", she reports that they have not lifted a finger to address the threats and doxxing she has been subjected to by LGBT advocates.

At Farrow's request, The Christian Post did not link to one particular harasser's website, but she told them that he has written about "doing sexually explicit and violent things to her, kicking her teeth in, holding people’s heads under water until they sustain brain damage, and published photos of sex toys he says she needs."

According to CP, this person has also published photos of Farrow's children and their schools and made disgusting accusations about her husband, a Roman Catholic cleric. "And the police do nothing," she commented.

"I have pointed out to the police that I am a Catholic journalist and commentator, and it is my religious belief that a person cannot change sex. That we are in the middle of a national conversation about what it means to be male and what it means to be female," Farrow said, explaining her interactions with the police.

While Farrow's harassers go unpunished, she has been warned that she will be arrested if she does not show up for her interrogation.

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