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Mar 21, 2019 by Michael

Watch: Pro-Life Youtuber Shatters The Absurdity Of Down Syndrome Abortions

The Canadian pro-life activist Laura Klassen has taken radical steps to communicate the raw truths about abortion through her funny YouTube videos. Klassen released a new video on Wednesday that completely breaks the pro-choice argument for aborting unborn children with Down syndrome, according to Faithwire

In the video, Klassen is wearing her signature pink wig, and explains to a girl wearing a blue wig that she “loves” people with blue hair, but only “after they’re born.”

“No offense,” Klassen says. “I totally respect and value you as a human being … now. But before you were born it was a completely different story — just saying.”

During the sketch, the words “Down syndrome” are never spoken, but it is made clear that the actress in the blue wig has Down syndrome, and the logic of Klassen’s argument sticks to the pro-choice script.

“Thanks to prenatal genetic testing, we can now ‘off’ all the people who have blue hair, before they ever see the light of day. That’s compassion,” she says, while her blue-haired friend holds up a sign that reads: “That’s eugenics.”

“We like to use humor to show how ridiculous most of the ‘pro-abortion’ arguments are,” she told Faithwire back in October. “Our videos are designed to be eye-catching, short and witty in hopes that people will watch and share!”

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