Mar 22, 2019 by Helena

Social Media Platform "Vimeo" Removes Church Video's, Because They Shared Their Views On Homosexuality

Vimeo, one of the most popular social media video site has removed multiple videos from Oklahoma's Fairview Baptist Church's account after the church uploaded videos condemning homosexuality. This happened after the church's God's Voice conference that took place in February, so CBN News reports. 

Vimeo sent an email to the church explaining why they took the video's down. The "Trust and Safety" department from Vimeo stated that they removed the videos because they found them guilty of violating Vimeo's policy in the following ways:
- Make derogatory or inflammatory statements about individuals or groups of people
- Are intended to harm someone's reputation
- Have an overall mean-spirited vibe

Vimeo also stated the site "forbids" any videos that promote Sexual Orientation Change Efforts. Apparently Vimeo removed the church's account fully and reinstated it on March 15, but the video's from the conference remain deleted. 

The church elaborates on the fact that the conference was supposed to bring biblical clarity to the recent confusion surrounding the issues of 'revoiced' sexuality and 'LGBTQ+ Christians'. 

That reference to a "revoiced" sexuality stems from the Revoice Conference which supports homosexuality in the church. Established by Catholics and Protestants, that conference condemns "Christian versions of heteronormativity" and demands for Christians "to subvert straight privilege when it causes difficulties for gays." 

They also took it to Facebook to express how they feel and warn other churches to be aware of Vimeo's policy. God's Voice conference speakers included syndicated radio host Janet Mefferd, Rev. Thomas Littleton of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.

Mefferd shared her opionion on Twitter:

It is not a total new development. Other social media platforms have censored conservatives too, like in 2017, David Kyle Foster of Pure Passion Media, an organization that discusses issues like pornography and homosexuality, was censored by Vimeo. The company deleted Pure Passion's account which included 850 videos. 

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