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Mar 22, 2019 by Helena

Christian Mom Speaks Out on How Being Gay Is "a Choice" And Gets Into Heated Discussion

FaithWire reports on a story how a Christian mother concerned about how her child’s school incorporating LGBTQ lessons into its curriculum, and gets into a heated discussion with a gay father. She shares how she believes that being gay and his his lifestyle is “a choice” on live television.

Izzy Montague the mom in question of South London appeared on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” Thursday. She debated on this topic with gay father and blogger Tom Cox. The two parents were having this dicussion after schools in Birmingham suspended lessons on LGBTQ relationships following protests from Muslim parents.

It’s not about living in a vacuum

Montague stated that she does not believe that schools should be teaching lessons on the LGBTQ lifestyle because she believes that parents should be the ones to decide on how they want to educate their children in these matters. She says: “I’m Christian, so we have our own ways of teaching about the world. It’s not about living in a vacuum. It’s not about saying, ‘This person doesn’t exist,’ it’s nothing like that. It’s our opinions of the world around us.”

Cox, obvioulsy did not agree and shared his point of view: " you are doing a child a disservice by not allowing them to have that education to see that families come in all different shapes and sizes. We live in such a diverse time,” he continued. “Gay people are everywhere, so they’re going to get on a bus and that bus driver is going to be gay. They’re going to be served food in a restaurant by a gay woman. A gay person may be delivering your child’s baby one day. We are everywhere.”

But Montague received some backlash when she pointed out that she believes that  people are not born with innate sexual preferences. Instead, she argued, acting on such orientations is a choice.

Well, I have an attraction to the same sex,’ and there’s the actual going and having a homosexual lifestyle

And she emphasizes that there is a difference between having certain feelings and acting on it. “It’s not about being gay. There’s two things to this,” Montague said. “There’s the feelings of being gay, where you say, ‘Well, I have an attraction to the same sex,’ and there’s the actual going and having a homosexual lifestyle. … It’s not the same thing.”

Cox, ends his part by saying that lessons on LGBTQ relationships would have helped him affirm his sexual orientation earlier in life. 

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