South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)


Mar 22, 2019 by Alyssa Duvall

"A Step Forward For Life": South Dakota's Governor Just Signed A Stack Of Pro-Life Bills Into Law

In an amazing win for the unborn and their tireless defenders in South Dakota, Republican Governor Kristi Noem signed a stack of pro-life bills into law on Wednesday.

According to Forum News Service, four of the bills require abortionists to give women the chance to see a live ultrasound of their baby and hear his or her heartbeat, make it a Class B felony to cause an abortion against the mother’s will, impose strict reporting requirements on abortions, and create a standardized abortion consent form.

“A strong and growing body of medical research provides evidence that unborn babies can feel, think, and recognize sounds in the womb. These are people. They must be given the same basic dignities as anyone else,” Noem said. “Our work isn’t done until abortion is eliminated completely, but this is a step forward for life.”

South Dakota Right to Life executive director Dale Bartscher thanked Gov. Noem "for her tireless devotion to pregnant mothers and their preborn children."

Perhaps the most significant of the newly-codified laws is the ultrasound requirement. Save the Storks, who operates a mobile ultrasound unit to offer the free service to abortion-minded mothers, reports that four out of five pregnant women who see their baby on a live ultrasound ultimately choose not to kill him or her.

ICU Mobile, a similar organization, says its ultrasounds have convinced 56 percent of abortion-minded women and a staggering 87 percent of undecided mothers to choose life for their children. A 2011 study by Quinnipiac University’s Mark Gius affirmed the conclusion that “ultrasound laws had a very significant and negative effect on the abortion decision.”

Already a massively pro-life state and the home to only one abortion clinic, South Dakota has a number of other life-affirming laws already on the books, including a requirement that women be informed about abortion pill reversal, a ban on abortion beginning at 20 weeks, and a "trigger law" that will automatically criminalize abortion again once Roe v. Wade is overturned.

The state legislature is also considering a ban on abortion once a baby's heartbeat can be detected.

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