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Mar 25, 2019 by Helena

From Suicidal Gang member To Powerful Member Of The Body of Christ

There is nothing that God can't do and Emeal “E.Z.” Zwayne story proves it. CBN News shares the interview where Zwayne talks about how he once was a troubled teen and gang member who attempted suicide in front of his own family — but how his life radically transformed after an encounter with the Word of God. He is a dynamic speaker who has produced Christian films and reached millions of people with the gospel.

Zwayne, is the president of California-based Christian ministry Living Waters. But his story begins in Lebanon in 1975. He actually should not have been on this earth since his mother was planning on having an abortion. She has had two abortions before him but as she went into the office to have a third one, the doctor stopped her. 

“I almost didn’t make it.”

“As she sat in the doctor’s office that day literally waiting to end my life, the doctor just looked over at her … and just simply said to her, ‘I’m not going to let you do this one,’” Zwayne recently told’s “Pure Talk.” “I almost didn’t make it.”

Now, Zwayne is a well-known Christian leader who made maybe one of the most   influential film, “180”, streaming at A movie that combats abortion.

I had attempted to commit suicide in front of my own family

“Before I turned 16, I had already been kicked out of two high schools, I had become a gang member with the Crips and I had attempted to commit suicide in front of my own family,” Zwayne said. “But on a divine August evening in 1991, God reached down his hand into time and space, grabbed a hold of the heart of this wretched sinner, opened my eyes to the truth of the gospel and radically transformed my life.”

A friend invited him to a Christian outreach and that was a defining moment for him. “God just opened my eyes,” he said, calling it an “instantaneous radical transformation. I was a brand new creation.”

Within just five years, Zwayne went to a Christian university, got ordained, got married and started a family — all by the age of 21.

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