Old Bible (Source: News Video)


Mar 25, 2019 by Michael

Miracle 150-Year-Old Bible Survives 2 Fires At Wisconsin Church

Springs United Methodist Church of Plover recently endured a devastating fire, that destroyed the whole building. A Bible that is approximately 150 years old, however, survived the fire and another fire from earlier this month, with the pastor declaring it “truly a work of God,” reported The Christian Post

“I think this is really something special, truly a work of God” 

The first fire it survived was a church fire in the 1950s, when located at St. Paul's Methodist Church in downtown Stevens Point. Tim O’Brien, pastor to both churches, stated this to be “a great testament to our faith that still stands strong.”

“I think this is really something special, truly a work of God,” added O’Brien. “Yes this is a building, yes things can be replaced. But these places have lots and lots of memories.”

The church held a prayer vigil on Tuesday, with the congregation asking attendees to “join the United Methodist Church community together in prayer and to begin this walk in process of healing and understanding.”

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