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Mar 28, 2019 by Helena

Steven Furtick: Disappointment is Like a Spiritual Prison, Break Free Now!

Watch this great video from Pastor Steven Furtick who says that disappointment is one of the most dangerous things in our lives. He shares how it can lead you to expect too little from God and thus never experience the best God has in store for you. He compares disappointment to a spiritual prison. 

"Too many times I've let my disappointments destroy my faith," he shares. "The invisible prison of disappointment keeps you from trying, keeps you from giving, [and] ... keeps you from experiencing the presence of God because you don't expect the presence of God, and then you never experience the presence of God so you never expect the presence of God. ... It's a cycle. We've got to break the cycle."

But ps. Furtick goes on with the proclamation that says Jesus came to set the prisoners free. This also goes for freedom from your internal fears and expectations.

"If you've been disappointed lately, this is what I want to tell you," Furtick says. "That can either be a prison or a portal. A portal leads to something greater. A prison keeps you where you are. This is your decision to make."

Watch the video here below or Charisma Magazine

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